My Hello Canvas Framed Print

My Hello Canvas Framed Print

If like me, you’re one of those people who takes hundreds of photos every month yet never gets anything printed, then a Hello Canvas framed print is going to be right up your street.

Most times when you finally get round to choosing a photo you like, comes the tricky task of finding a decent print company, and that’s then followed by picking the perfect frame. Sometimes it’s all just a bit of a faff.

Well Hello Canvas literally do the hard work for you. All you need to do is choose the photo, and they’ll do the rest.

I was contacted by them a while ago and asked if I would like to try out one of their products. This was music to my ears as I’ve been wanting to get photos of the kids framed and on the wall since we moved into our house over a year ago. And typical me, I had yet to get round to doing it.

As you’d expect, Hello Canvas do offer printed canvases, along with a vast selection of other products including framed prints, images printed onto wood, HD metal prints, phone cases and floating frames. So there’s definitely something for everyone.

hello canvas framed print

I picked a large rectangular frame (60cm x 60cm) and opted for the whitewash wood. Other options for the frame are white, black and classic oak, and there are various different sizes of frames available, in both square and rectangular format.

After sending a few of my most favourite recent pictures of the kids (I can never decide on one and thought it would be a nice surprise when the frame came), it was just a case of waiting for it to arrive…

My Hello Canvas Framed Print

Now I’ve been lucky enough in the past year and a half of blogging to have been gifted quite a few products for review purposes. Call it a perk of the job if you like. (Although sadly I don’t actually do blogging as a ‘job’ and it doesn’t earn me money – I  just do this as a hobby – but that’s for a whole other blog post). I’ve been gifted some really lovely skincare products, fragrances and even jewellery in the past, but my Hello Canvas framed print is honestly the nicest product I have received since being a blogger.

I’m probably being totally biased because rather than some random moisturiser or bracelet, this product actually features my own children, but that aside, the quality of the print is absolutely amazing and I am so impressed by the frame itself – it’s a really solid and sturdy wood with a lovely mount that sets off the photo beautifully.

hello canvas framed print

Don’t mind the reflections – it was quite tricky to photograph. Next to my lightbox so you get an idea of the frame’s size.

The photos I have taken really don’t do the print justice in my opinion, and I’m a little ashamed, although strangely proud, to admit that I’ve delayed publishing this post until I had some taken some photos which I’m 100% happy with, and didn’t feature a ton of reflections in the glass (it is HARD work photographing a glass frame!)

But it got to the point where I thought it’s actually getting quite silly now, let’s get this post finished and blogged. So here it is!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Hello Canvas for sending this over to me. I’m over the moon with it and won’t hesitate to use them in the future for all our prints. The quality of the product and the customer service as well as delivery was all amazing, and I’m looking forward to purchasing another Hello Canvas framed print or two before the end of the year, or at least in time for Christmas.

Be sure to use a high resolution image in order to ensure maximum print quality (although the team will inform you if it’s not sharp enough before making it), so there’s no chance of a wasted product. Just to give you an idea re. cost, the print which I was sent (60cm x 60cm), costs £69.00 which I personally think is a bargain and well worth the cost considering you get a delivery within four working days and the print comes with a free hanging kit.

I couldn’t recommend Hello Canvas highly enough and feel very lucky to have been gifted with such a lovely piece of blogger mail. I hope you found this post useful, and I’ll be back with a new post very soon!



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