A Sign of the Times? Glamour goes digital and cuts back on printing

A Sign of the Times? Glamour goes digital and cuts back on printing

So on Friday Glamour announced that they would be cutting back their print editions to just two a year. The idea is that they will then be able to put more focus on creating quality digital content. Now a digital version of a magazine isn’t exactly a new thing, but the fact that they are only going to be publishing TWO print editions a year is pretty big news in the world of glossy mags. The news that Glamour goes digital sent Twitter into a bit of a frenzy to say the least.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the news to be honest. On the one hand I’m really not that surprised or bothered by it – we’re in 2017, we live each day with a phone, tablet or screen of some sort not being far away from us, and with social media’s star always on the rise, it was almost inevitable that something like this would happen.

Glamour are only doing what we’re all doing already when you think about it – going more digital seems only natural. And let’s not forget – two prints a year compared to twelve is much better for the environment #savethetrees


On the other hand, I can’t help but feel a little sad at the news. I have really fond memories of buying Glamour each month – right back to when I was at college almost 15 years ago (God I feel old saying that).

I remember always being excited if there was a free gift with the magazine, and I used to love going through the beauty pages and literally writing down in notepads all the new products that I wanted to buy and try.

glamour goes digital

Now that doesn’t really have to change just because Glamour goes digital. Far from it. And in fact going by what they have released on their website, their new-look print edition is going to be  focussed even MORE on beauty:

Change is afoot at Glamour UK, marking a new milestone in the history of our groundbreaking brand. Glamour has always put our reader first – when we asked you, you said you wanted more beauty and that is what we intend to give you, across every platform: beauty at your fingertips; the most engaging, living, breathing beauty content at every touchpoint….

…All this expertise and industry leadership will be celebrated in a biannual, collectible, glossy tome that will answer your every beauty desire. Boasting contributing editors from the forefront of every creative field, the new Glamour will be every beauty dream come true: iconic; topical; engaging; inspiring. Watch this space…


I’m going to miss buying the monthly edition for nostalgic reasons more than anything else I guess. And I’ll miss having a physical copy of the magazine to pick up and browse through on my desk. But I’m equally excited to see what their new-look publication will be like, as well as their digital content.

Glamour goes digital…it’s a bold move and I’ll be interested to see if other magazines follow suit. I have no doubt that they will over time. As Glamour says, “watch this space”…

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