The Classic Ankle Boot *AD

The Classic Ankle Boot *AD

I think it’s fair to say that I have a bit of a thing for an ankle boot. Not just any old ankle boot. A mostly plain and simple, black suede-effect ankle boot. I currently have two pairs which are practically the same, although one pair has a slightly higher heel than the other one. Besides that though they are ankle boot twins. And they are literally my staple footwear for autumn/winter.

I love the fact that they go equally well with either skinny jeans or tights (pretty much the only two items of clothing I wear on legs in winter), and being black they just go with every single colour, whether it’s light or dark denim, or black or grey tights. Suffice to say, the ankle boot is a bit of a Boss Shoe.

You can imagine my surprise and happiness then, when an email popped into my inbox recently asking whether I would like to work with a company called Just Fab. “Would I like to choose and style up a pair of their boots they said?” “Hell yes!” I said. And that’s kind of it in a nutshell.

I ordered a pair of boots and then a scarf to go with it, as I can’t think of a more fitting accessory for autumnal outfits than a scarf.

Now I know I’ve confessed to already owning two pairs of black suede-effect boots, so you may or may not be surprised to see what I ordered from Just Fab…..


I told you I was a creature of habit…

In my defense though, these boots have much more detail going on than my other pairs, and I love the subtle buckle and strap around the ankle. They are suede-effect with a nice chunky heel and are so comfy to walk in.

The scarf I picked is one which I think/hope will go with all my outfits, and I love the fact that it’s very simple in style and colour. It’s just camel and black in a very fine knit with tassels at the end, and I prefer it being one which isn’t too oversized. (I sometimes feel that scarves can get into the blanket/poncho territory when they are really big.)

just fab ankle boot

I’m actually in love with this ankle boot and scarf duo, and since I recieved the order last week I’ve been wearing them both as much as I can, weather permitting obvs.

Now I’m afraid to say I’m still not confident enough with having outfit pictures taken of me in busy streets or public places, so the only shots I managed to get of me in the boots and scarf lately are those either taken in the comfort of my own bedroom, or a couple snapped by my husband in a soggy field…..

The main message I want to get across with the post though, is that if you haven’t already heard of Just Fab, then go give them a look. There are stacks of boots in all kinds of varieties, as well as accessories, clothes and jewellery. It’s kind of a one-stop shop, but the footwear in particular is amazing.

Huge thanks to Just Fab for giving me the opportunity to work with them on this post. The boots and scarf were gifted to me in exchange for my review, and all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

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