Review of Miller and Carter – Bournemouth

Review of Miller and Carter – Bournemouth

A couple of weeks ago I was emailed by a lovely PR lady from Miller and Carter asking if I would like to visit the new Bournemouth restaurant and try out their menu. I don’t need asking twice when it comes to an opportunity like that! So hubby and I had a very rare date night on Friday, and made our first ever visit to Miller and Carter Steakhouse.

The new Miller and Carter Steakhouse is part of the amazing new BH2 Leisure Complex in Bournemouth town centre which consists of a huge Odeon cinema and numerous different restaurants. It looks very sleek and chic from the outside with minimal branding and a contemporary colour-scheme.

We were greeted by front of house and taken immediately to our table. Despite us running late it wasn’t a problem and the restaurant itself was very quiet as we’d been early birds and booked the table for five o’clock.

miller and carter steakhouse review by ellemma

I ordered a prosecco to start with and hubby went for a really manly Cosmopolitan….(I won’t judge him if you won’t). Both were delicious. Top marks.

Miller and Carter – The Starter

We didn’t want to fill up too much before our main courses so we opted for a sharing platter of nachos. These were delicious and quite soft in texture which made a change from the usual Doritoes-style crisp nachos you usually get. The guacamole, salsa and sour cream were all fresh and lovely, and the portion size was perfect for two.

We also ordered a bottle of red at this point to go with our main course and picked the Bordeaux Chateau des Gravieres; a ‘deep garnet-red with aromas of red berry fruits and notes of vanilla’.

It was so smooth and mellow; absolutely gorgeous and one of the nicest reds I think I have ever had to be honest with you. Would highly recommend it.

Miller and Carter – The Main Course

Now here’s where things get a little more interesting because as you no doubt know, Miller and Carter Steakhouse tend to specialize in *newsflash* steaks! The thing is though, I’m actually a vegetarian, so a good chunk of the menu was not even suitable for me. However, it was really lovely to see that just because they are a renowned steak house, Miller and Carter don’t confine themselves to a meat-only menu.

I was happily surprised to see at least three different and appetising-sounding dishes which I could have gone for, and ended up selecting the ‘Moroccan Style Superfood Salad with Grilled Goats Cheese’, which had roasted root vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, tenderstem broccoli, grapes and baby leaves with a pineapple & ginger dressing.

This tasted so fresh, light and delicious; the broccoli was the perfect blend between tender and crunchy, and the goats cheese was packed full of flavour with the most incredible texture. I scoffed my food pretty quickly because it was so good.

Hubby went for a steak burger because although he does eat meat on a fairly frequent basis, he’s a bit of a creature of habit and will just stick to what he knows he likes. So burger it was then!

More specifically, it was the Bacon and Cheese Prime Steak Burger which was served with seasoned fries and dressed slaw, and I heard several times after he had polished it off that it was very tasty and scored top marks for him.

Miller and Carter – The Dessert

I was still quite stuffed after my main but my hollow-legged hubby decided he wanted some kind of a sweet treat, so he opted for the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with a Raspberry Sugar Crunch. Of course I had to try a little bit and can confirm it was AMAZING.

Perhaps less surprising, I found I still had room for a gin cocktail, and couldn’t resist the sound of something called ‘Sloely Does It’, which is the following: “from the renowned Chase Distillery, this sloe gin is sweet and bursting with flavour thanks to a fine blend of handpicked sloes and mulberries. Mixed with Fever-tree Lemon Tonic and a lemon wheel for something that little bit different.”

After finishing up our drinks and dessert we asked for the bill which was brought over very quickly and settled with the same level of warm and friendly service we had received when we entered.

By the time we came to leave the entire place had all but filled up with customers, and it’s not hard to see why Miller and Carter must be doing so well.

I loved the look of the restaurant. Of course being a brand-new build it’s going to have advantages over its competitors, but nonetheless I really liked it and would happily come here again either as a couple or with friends. It’s the sort of restaurant where you could definitely do both in my opinion.

All in all we were really impressed with both the food and service at Miller and Carter. I’d like to say a huge thank you to them for inviting me to come and try out the new Bournemouth restaurant – it is well worth checking out next time you are round that way, and remember, it’s not just for meat eaters! (Although they obviously pretty much own it when it comes to steak).

You can check out their website here, their Facebook page over here, and their Instagram is here.

I really hope you found this review useful and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Take care and I’ll be back with a new post very soon! x

Miller and Carter kindly offered me a gift voucher to eat at their new Bournemouth restaurant in exchange for a review on the blog. My thoughts and opinions are my own and I have provided very honest feedback of this experience.

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