Gin Festival in Bournemouth 2017

Gin Festival in Bournemouth 2017

Hey everybody and a happy Friday to you! I’ve had a crazy-busy week with things to go to over a short period of time but I’ve been absolutely loving it and am so excited and happy to have started getting invites to certain launches or events. One of which was the Gin Festival in Bournemouth last Sunday….

I got the email invitation for this about a couple of months ago now, and as soon as I read the first couple of lines about the event I think it was a case of hook, line and sinker. I’ve only recently discovered gin you see, literally within the past few months, but I bloody LOVE it, so the chance to attend the famous Gin Festival in Bournemouth was a no brainer.

About the Gin Festival

It’s been going on for much longer than I realised. As it states on their website: is on a non-stop tour across the UK, bringing some of the world’s finest gins with it.

Established in 2013, with the first event held in Leeds, began with husband and wife team, Jym and Marie Harris, who love gin and wanted to create events where people could go to find new gins, learn more about the spirit and have an excellent night along the way.

These days, the events are bigger and better.  There is a fantastic range of new gins, with exclusive offerings and even more to choose from than ever before.

So it’s a pretty big thing now, and like I said I was over the moon to be asked to go down and review the event. So I brought a friend with me, and off we went last Sunday afternoon.

We were greeted by staff who presented me with a press pack along with a balloon gin class, badge and booklet detailing all the gins that were there (I think that figure actually topped 100 or near-enough). The glass and badge were given to everyone attending the event which I think is a nice touch as it’s a little memento of the day.

The way it works at the festival is that you can only purchase a gin by using one of the event’s speciality tokens. These cost approx £5.00 each and with that you get a single measure of any gin that you like plus an unlimited selection of Fever Tree tonics.

Conker gin has been a favourite of mine for a while so I was really pleased to see their stand and chat to the rep. I was even more happy to see that they have recently released a ‘Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur’ gin which I’m not going to lie, I was SO ready to dislike, but in actual fact, it was delicious.

I got to have a chat with another brand called Brockmans whose drink is packed full of dark and woody berries. The team were so nice and gave us a free sample which was very kind of them. I don’t think it was one of my favourites, but I tend to prefer a more plain gin to start with if I’m honest as it can always be mixed up afterwards with different flavoured tonics.

If you ARE into your alcohol with berries though, then I can’t think of a better gin for you to try than Brockmans.

We attended a ‘masterclass’ session on an up and coming brand called Tinker whose gin is a classic dry. It was a really interesting fifteen minutes learning all about the botanicals and distillery processes involved with gin – I literally had no idea it was so technical!

After a few tasters I think it was safe to say that we were ready for the ‘Ginstagram’ photo booth which are always good fun.

I had so much fun (probably a bit too much to be honest as the gin was much stronger than I had expected and I hadn’t eaten much to soak it all up – my bad), but it was a really lovely afternoon in a nice and relaxed environment. There was a nice sort of ‘community’ atmosphere going about I suppose thanks in part to the fact that we’ve all got something in common by being gin-lovers.

The Gin Festival in Bournemouth

All-in all I think that the festival is quite clearly doing something very right because there is a huge market for gin right now. It seems more popular than ever, and I don’t think that popularity is going to go away anytime soon.

The Gin Festival itself is a really nice little event which I’d highly recommend going to if there is one near you. The staff are all lovely and very knowledgeable so they can recommend a gin based on your own favoured tastes, and the selection of gin available is so impressive. I think my favourite is between Conker and Manchester Three Rivers…

The only thing I’d recommend (probably totally obvious but better safe than sorry), is to properly line your stomach before going because even if you only try three different gins, that’s still a lot of alcohol to go into the body. Either eat before, during or after but make sure you do have something to eat or you may end up feeling pretty queasy on the bus-ride home. Which *totally* didn’t happen to me….Ahem.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys, and I’ll be back with a new one very soon! xx



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