Champagne Sundays at the Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Champagne Sundays at the Emirates Spinnaker Tower

A little over a week ago I went along to the press launch of Champagne Sundays at the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Portsmouth, or ‘Pompey’ as I like to call it, is quite special for me, as that’s where I went to uni, and I lived for almost two and a half years in both the city centre and the outer district called Southsea. Lots of good memories for sure, and I was so excited to be going back there for some bubbly at the top of the city’s most iconic visitor attraction and landmark, the Spinnaker Tower.

I’d been invited to go by the Southampton Bloggers; a community of local bloggers from the neighbouring city who are headed up by the lovely Alice Spake of Annie Writes Beauty.

It was raining pretty heavily by the time I got to Portsmouth which was a shame, but not exactly unexpected thanks to our glorious and unpredictable weather…

Praise be to the brolly

I’m not going to lie, I was more than a little nervous at the prospect of going to an event on my own. But at the same time, it’s actually pretty exciting and empowering. After tackling BlogConLDN recently in Westminster I feel as though my confidence has grown and anxiety hasn’t been so bad at all which is great. So into the tower I went…

I was greeted by the PR team and management of the tower who took my name and presented me with a press badge. In the reception area are large screens showcasing interesting facts about the tower. I didn’t have long to look at the rest of ground level before myself and a few other guests were invited to enter the high-speed lift and be taken up to View Deck 1…

(That lift by the way, travels at 4m per second and takes just 28 seconds to get to deck one – 100 meters above sea level!)

Soon as we stopped and the doors opened we were met by a member of hospitality and a tray of champagne to help ourselves too. Not bad. Not bad at all…

The views speak for themselves really, as the entire deck’s windows offer you an incredible panoramic view of the harbour, Old Portsmouth, and the city centre itself. It is quite stunning, and just a shame that the weather couldn’t do the views total justice, as visibility wasn’t too good with so many rain clouds about.

Saying that however, it was actually quite atmospheric being up so high and watching the raindrops fall from the windows. There was something a little dramatic about it, and I think had there been a clap of thunder and flash of lightening it would have made it even more fancy.

The champagne offered for the evening was by Castelnau, a classic Brut from the region of Reims and which is immensely popular amongst champagne connoisseurs. I’m not going to pretend I know the first thing about champagne to be honest with you; all I know is that it was the right side of bubbly and sweet without being sickly, and I liked it…

For the champagne testing, a Hampshire-based company called Hambledon provided sparkling wine and it was lovely talking to the brand reps and finding out more about their product, of which they are undeniably very proud. It is Hambledon’s vision to produce the best ‘multi-vintage sparkling wine in England’, and I wish them every success with their venture – I can vouch for their wine being gorgeous and arguably on a par with many premium champagnes.

There was an acoustic music set compliments of Nathan Turner, aka Proper Little Soul Boy, who serenaded guests with both guitar and song.

Following a welcome talk from management, guests were invited to mingle, enjoy the champagne and olives, and take in the stunning views either on deck one, or take the stairs up to deck three where there is an even more elevated view. (I couldn’t help myself and had a little stroll up there).

Back on deck one, though, and without doubt the most exhilarating experience of visiting Spinnaker Tower, is its glass  floor ‘Sky Walk’.

You know the drill. You take your shoes off, and once you’re feeling brave, you walk across. Simples.

All I can say is, if hadn’t been for the glass and a half of champagne which I’d had pretty quickly beforehand, I would have thought twice about trying it. But as it turns out, the bubbly made me feel a little more brave than usual, and I not only walked across the bloody thing, but I stood there like a lemon for a good few seconds taking selfies and Insta-storying the walk. Hell. Yes.

I’m so glad I did it though as it’s an amazing experience and an amazing (albeit nervy) way to experience a 330 foot drop.

Guests are also invited to explore the i-VIEW, an interactive touch-screen experience which literally brings the views to life and provides fascinating historical information.

If I squint really hard I can just about make out one of my old lecture buildings. Oh the memories.

One of the highlights of the evening for me too was actually getting a chance to meet the Southampton Bloggers for the first time. They were such a lovely bunch and I’m so grateful for the invite from them to come along to the event. I can’t wait for the next one already!

Thanks Alice and co for making me feel so welcome!

It was an amazing evening and I feel very lucky that not only did I finally get to go up the historic tower of my uni town, but I got to do it in style too.

The service from all staff was exemplary; nothing was too much trouble, the drinks were gorgeous and the view itself is just incredible; I could not recommend it highly enough.

The pop-up bar event titled Champagne Sundays will commence on Sunday 11 June through to 10 September. Tickets cost £16.00 per person and include a glass of the lovely Castelnau champagne on arrival. There is the chance to purchase more champagne from the likes of Lanson Black and Veuve Cliquot along with Hambledon Sparkling Wines also. Live acoustic music will be the cherry on top for what should a great evening out, and pre-booking is highly recommended to ensure a place, as spaces are limited.

To find out more, check out the Spinnaker Tower website here.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll be back with a new one very soon!



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