Celebrating World Gin Day at GinJams, Bournemouth

Celebrating World Gin Day at GinJams, Bournemouth

Slightly worried that when I hit publish on this you’ll start thinking I’m some kinda raving gin addict….Honestly though, it’s just a happy coincidence there’s two consecutive posts on the blog now featuring gin, I promise. Nothing more to it than that, but not exactly complaining about it either. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to celebrate World Gin Day with some of the Bournemouth Bloggers at GinJams in Westbourne, Bournemouth.

GinJams, Bournemouth

I’ve been meaning to visit GinJams since it opened last year, but as is often the case these days, life gets in the way and I just hadn’t gotten round to it. So when the invite came into my inbox it made my day.

Located right in the heart of Westbourne, Bournemouth, GinJams is beautiful to look at with its hanging baskets, chic colour scheme and outdoor seating. Upon arrival we were given a ‘gin passport’ to keep track of our tasters, and following a brief introduction to the bar and the selection of gin available, it was time to taste.

Now despite the fact that gin has been my preferred tipple for a good couple of years now, I’m still an absolute novice when it comes to really knowing all the different brands and tonics that constitute a good gin. So it was great to be able to listen to the lovely staff talk us through their stock and get to know a little more about it all. Bit of an education sesh as much as it was a social in that respect.

I stuck to what I knew I would like to kick things off, a 5th Gin Fire with classic tonic and strawberries. After that I tried a couple more, some more traditional, and some very different to what I would usually go for, but was feeling a bit experimental – and it was World Gin Day after all. And in keeping with that, there were several gin stations set up around the bar, with similar gins all grouped together (British gin, flavoured gin, gins from around the world etc). It was quite an eye opener to see so many different brands.

The atmosphere was super chilled and like I said before, I fell in love with the interior of the place. From cosy little corners to cute seating and a pretty garden at the back, GinJams has it covered for intimate drinks.

I had such a lovely afternoon catching up with Emma, Ciara and some of the other Bournemouth Bloggers. The olives, cheese and crackers were gorgeous, the staff were so friendly and helpful, and the selection of gin was seriously impressive. (Side note here: although GinJams is quite obviously a gin bar, they do also stock wine and other spirits, so don’t let it put you off visiting if you’re not a big gin fan).

Thank you so much to Thomas and Chris for hosting us Bournemouth Bloggers, and to Emma for organising our visit – I think we well and truly did World Gin Day proud!

GinJams, Westbourne, Bournemouth

To find out more about the visit, check out my vlog of the day below. I’d one hundred per cent recommend a visit here yourself in ever you’re in Bournemouth, and am looking forward to going back again very soon!

Thanks so much for the read guys, I’ll be back with a post very soon. (Spoiler: gin is not involved…boo hoo)


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