A Taster Evening with Cote Brasserie Bournemouth

A Taster Evening with Cote Brasserie Bournemouth

It feels like forever since I visited Cote Brasserie Bournemouth. The restaurant opened its doors in the summer and I was kindly invited along for a taster evening by Liz Lean PR.

Located at the very end of Westover Road in Bournemouth town centre, the restaurant is where the old Austin Reed store used to be and is so beautiful, both inside and out.


cote brasserie bournemouth

I was greeted by Liz and the restaurant manager and taken upstairs to a long table with other bloggers and journalists. This was my first time eating at Cote Brasserie and I didn’t really know what to expect from the staff, service and food, but I think pretty much everything far surpassed my expectations.

Although I couldn’t have the salmon starter being a vegetarian, the champagne and rustic bread and butter was absolutely beautiful. (Also important to note, Cote not only offer an entirely separate vegetarian menu, but they do gluten-free too which is very appealing).

With the Cote chain being inspired by French cuisine, I couldn’t resist opting for a classic cheese, tomato and spinach omelette with potato frites and a side salad as my main course. When in Rome and all that…

Whilst we were waiting for our dishes to come out, the Head Chef of Cote Brasserie Bournemouth joined us from the kitchen to have a little chat and explain how passionate the entire staff are toward delivering exemplary service, along with how proud he is of the quality of the food at Cote.

I thought that was a really nice touch and it was clear to see how much he and the staff enjoy the culture of Cote Brasserie.

I honestly don’t think I have ever eaten a more delicious omelette in my life.

There’s always a danger with this dish that it can be a little bland and boring, but the omelette itself was so light and fresh with the most gorgeous fries and salad – it was practically perfect, and surprisingly filling too.

Now unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my dessert as the lighting was a little low by the time it was brought out and my camera/phone flash aren’t too good when it’s dim.

I can tell you now though, if you ever go to Cote Brasserie Bournemouth, or any Cote restaurant for that matter, make sure you order the Praline Crepe, which is chocolate and praline crêpe with caramelised bananas and crème Chantilly. TRUST ME, you won’t regret it……

All in all my experience at Cote Brasserie Bournemouth was absolutely amazing. I honestly can’t find a fault – the staff were so attentive, the food was gorgeous and the restaurant itself is in a beautiful location.

I’m already planning when I can next go back to try out their brunch menu…..

Thanks so much to Liz Lean PR for inviting me along – I had the best time and feel very grateful to be given opportunities as lovely as this.




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