Vote for Ellemma in the UK Blog Awards 2017!

Vote for Ellemma in the UK Blog Awards 2017!

I can’t quite believe it happened, but Ellemma has been nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2017, and I couldn’t be happier. Just gaining a nomination made me so chuffed at the fact that you lovely lot actually enjoy reading my ramblings on beauty and lifestyle, and that in itself feels like a huge achievement for me, given the fact the the blog is still under a year old. What I need for the next stage though is votes, and I’m counting on you guys to help me out!

What are the UK Blog Awards?

To quote from their own site;

The UK Blog Awards has been created to recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 16 UK industries, as well as awarding 2 sub-categories: Best Storyteller and Most Innovative award.

The UK Blog Awards are not just another Awards evening, but the chance to be acknowledged and recognised as a true knowledge provider within a chosen industry, and provide a unique opportunity to promote a chosen blog and/or company to other Blogging professionals and organisations. The awards are more than an event, but a digital outreach platform that connects blogs with brands.

There is some serious competition in my category of Fashion and Beauty. I’m talking like 230-ish nominees including the likes of Fleur De Force, who happens to be one of my most favourite bloggers/YouTubers. It feels really surreal to be in the same category as someone like Fleur, who has basically made blogging and YouTube her career and has secured some incredible opportunities through her brand and what she does.

The public voting stage of the competition started last Monday 5th, and will close next Monday 19th, after which the top eight finalists from each category will be short-listed by a judging panel. Following that will be the glitzy awards ceremony in April, which is where the winners will be announced. So I’m basically in the very early stages of the awards process, and it’s something which I had never really anticipated happening for a long time yet, if at all.

Blogging for me was always going to be a part-time thing, at least for now anyway. Because I have a ‘normal’ office job Monday-Friday, and there is the small matter of being a mum to a three and a two year old, the only time I ever get to write my posts is either when the kids are asleep or if they happen to be away from me (which is almost never!).

Even now I’m typing this post at quarter to midnight, and I feel soooo tired, but I’m really keen to get it published before the start of next week because that’s the last week of the public vote. I’m going way off track here sorry…

The point I’m trying to make in such a roundabout way, is that even though the blog is a part-time thing, I’m actually really proud of how far it has come since I started. I spent so long trying to tweak the design and I take my blog photography (probably a little too) seriously, but at the end of the day, I love writing reviews on products and sharing my thoughts with my readers.

UK Blog Awards 2017 nomination by ellemma

I like being part of a blogging community so much, and I love the engagement I get from readers and followers across my social. It literally means so much to me when I get a notification saying that someone has commented on a photo or even better, a blog post, because it means that they have taken the time to read what I’ve got to say.

I love writing, and that’s why I started this blog I guess, as a way to make sure that I would always be in practice with it. The beauty of writing about make up and skincare products is that there’s always something new to review, and it makes me so genuinely happy when I hear that a reader has bought a product based on my recommendation.

I’m going to stop wittering away now, and get to the actual purpose of the post! So the votes are now officially open across all the categories in the UK Blog Awards, and as I said earlier, I’m in the Fashion and Beauty category.

If you like what I read and enjoy my posts, then please go and vote for me! It would mean so much to me to be short-listed. Like I said earlier, there are some amazing entries, and I feel over whelmed yet super happy to see my little blog in there too. To get any further than this stage would be the best thing to have happened to the blog, but securing a nomination is an achievement in itself.

How to vote for Ellemma in the UK Blog Awards

All you have to do is click the link here which will take you to my own voting page on the UK Blog Awards site. It takes less than a minute to vote, but each and every vote makes all the difference, so please go and make my day and vote for Ellemma!

Thank you so so much for your support xx


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