I’m a Coconut Queen! Mini haul and review from Coconut Lane

I’m a Coconut Queen! Mini haul and review from Coconut Lane

Coconut Lane are one of many brands which I hadn’t even heard of until I started blogging and spending more and more time on social media. They’re essentially an on-line store which stock some gorgeous stationary, jewellery, wall art and phone cases among other things, and they just so happen to be super popular with beauty bloggers. Must be all that marble…

I’d seen a few of the most popular items doing the rounds on Instagram a while ago, and thought I’d bite the bullet and make a little order myself. Prior to doing that however, I signed up to their blogger programme which enables you to become a Coconut Queen! The privilege of that is a generous personal discount for own purchases, along with a  20% discount for your social media followers which is pretty cool.

There are so many lovely things on the website which I was tempted by, and to be honest I could have got properly carried away…But I exercised some self-control and limited myself to just three buys which I’m actually really chuffed with. (I also loved the bright pink envelope it all came in which I sadly forgot to take a snap of but never mind. I’m sure this will be the first of many purchases anyway…)

review of coconut lane purchases

First up then, is something which Coconut Lane are arguably most, or more famous for, and that’s their wall art. They basically have an amazing range of card posters featuring little quotes from films or general slogans. I picked ‘Blog Insta Coffee Repeat’ because no word of a lie, this pretty much sums up my social-media and caffeine-loving self TO A TEE. As soon as I saw it I was like, “yup, I need this in my life”.

It’s A4 in size and the premium print is produced onto a nice quality thick paper which I think will look gorgeous on my wall. (As soon as I get round to buying a nice frame for it that is…) The wall prints cost £6.00, and there is such a good selection to choose from.

Next up is a cute little ring which I’ve had my eye on for ages, and I’m still tempted to buy it in yellow gold too as I’m getting into that shade of jewellery a lot more lately. Appropriately called the ‘Queen Ring’, this little silver beauty comes in silver, yellow gold and rose gold (although I think they are just plated as there is no hallmark on the ring which I can see). It’s such a unique and pretty piece though, has shown no signs of tarnishing at all, and which I’ve found myself wearing literally every day since I got it. It costs £9.00.

review of coconut lane queen ring by ellemma

Last but by no means least, I couldn’t help but have a quick browse of the stationary when I was finished with my order, as I definitely have a bit of a fixation with notebooks, journals and basically anything stationary-related. And so I see a marble notebook…..Could be the end of the story right there as it ended up in my basket quicker than you can say “I’m a walking cliche of a beauty blogger”.

I honestly don’t know where or why this whole obsession with everything marble came about in the blogging world, but I’m kind of ashamed and yet weirdly proud to admit that yes, I do love marble as much as the next beauty blogger! I personally love the way it looks in photos and is a great backdrop for jewellery pictures or more detailed flat-lays.

This A5 sized notebook (see above for photo) is 100% recycled paper made from eucalyptus pulp which is pretty cool, and the pages themselves are blank. It costs £6.00 and I may never get round to using it….but at least it looks nice in photos!

So that’s it for my little Coconut Lane haul and review. I think they are well worth checking out if you’re into fun accessories and not taking life too seriously. A case in point is that their other pieces of wall art says things like “Be Prada Not Nada”, “What Would Beyonce Do?”, and “Coffee Contour Confidence”. It’s all good fun.

Not only that but if you use the code ‘ellemma20’ at checkout on the website when paying, it will get you 20% off your total bill! I’ll pop a link here for you to take a look at the site.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and I’ll be back very soon. Bye for now! x


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