Garnier Ultimate Blends Blogger Box

Garnier Ultimate Blends Blogger Box

It’s typical that one of the posts I’ve been most excited about sharing with you on the new blog has been delayed because I have no internet at the moment! (Moving house and switching providers means the blogging struggle is very much real for the next couple weeks until installation date rolls around). But where there’s a will, or should I say wifi-free cafe, there’s always a way!

So about a month or so ago I entered this competition in association with Garnier and Superdrug to celebrate the release of the new Ultimate Blends haircare range, catering for five different hair types. The prize up for grabs was one of 150 blogger boxes given away, filled with gorgeous goodies and of course, an Ultimate Blends range that was targeted for your specific hair type. The comp was also running to ‘Reveal the Beauty Blogger in You’, and all you had to do to enter was upload a selfie and state what beauty meant to you, along with saying what your current hair type was like. (I put dry and damaged as my hair does really feel lacking in moisture lately). I gave it a shot figuring I had nothing left to lose and thought that the newly launched blog was in need of a few treats and tips to provide some inspiration for posts.

You know what it’s like when you enter a competition. Well for me anyway, I entered and honestly didn’t give it a second thought until Valentines Day arrives and I get an email from a PR girl at L’Oreal to say congrats, I’ve won one of the boxes!

I was so surprised and in utter shock, I’ve only recently started entering competitions again after giving up during my teen years when it felt like all I ever did was enter competitions, and never, ever win. It was always in magazines and via a (bloody expensive text or call back then though), nothing like the social media of today. God I sound so old saying it like that…

So needless to say I was surprised to hear that I’d won a box, and emailed back my address straight away, looking forward to the post that week. For a change.

The box arrived last Wednesday and oh em gee, was it a huge parcel. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day when I opened the packaging and got out the contents, and I’m so grateful to the lovely people at L’Oreal for gifting this to me as part of their amazing competition with Superdrug.

First up, the packaging is beautiful with a very sturdy shoe box housing lots of pretty pink tissue paper inside…

garnier ultimate blends blogger box

garnier ultimate blends blogger box

The first thing I saw upon opening the lid is a card saying congrats on winning the box etc and ways to share the joy amongst social media using various hashtags etc.

The flip side of the card reveals ten very useful tips on becoming a successful beauty blogger from top YouTuber and blogger Daisie Smith. She has some great advice for newbies such as myself and I found this to be one of the most useful little additions to the box to be honest. #geek

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Onto the actual contents however, and here’s where it gets pretty amazing to be a winner of a comp run by a giant such as Loreal. They know how to spoil their winners!

First up is the reason for this competition in the first place; the products themselves. Like I said before I picked dry and damaged for my hair category and was therefore given ‘The Strength Restorer’ range which is called Honey Treasures, and has extract of Royal Jelly and Honey Propolis.

garnier ultimate blends blogger box review by ellemma

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This is a range that is specifically targeted towards hair that is fragile and prone to breakage. My mop is guilty of both of those things and more, so I was so pleased to see some products that promise to tackle these issues.

Included in the box were shampoo, conditioner, a conditioning balm and a serum, all of which aim to combat dryness and restore strength to the hair.
I’ve used all of these products since Wednesday last week and can genuinely assure you that they are bloody brilliant. (Also smell incredible too). But I’ll post a full review of them all at a later date.

The rest of the box is filled with some gorgeous goodies that could essentially form the starter kit for any aspiring beauty blogger.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetBeautiful fairy lights, a hand-made and amazingly scented candle, post-it notes and stickers, aspirational slogan signs, a tripod for your phone and last but not least, the most gorgeous little trinket dish which I’m totally in love with, not least because the font so closely matches my own little blog’s title. I love me some gold!

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garnier blogger box review by ellemma

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I’m absolutely chuffed with the box, and like I said I’ve been loving the hair products. I’ll be posting a full review and thoughts of those sometime very soon, but I’ll just close this post by saying thanks again to L’Oreal for sending me one of these blogger boxes. I love it to bits!

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One other little thing….the other prize up for grabs was the chance to be one of five ‘faces’ of the Ultimate Blends range, with an all-expenses paid trip to London and a photoshoot at L’Oreal HQ, hair and make up provided…..and I only went and won that too! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I got the email, and it’s been killing me to not be able to properly share the news on social media.

So the shoot was last Friday, almost a whole week ago already. I met four other lovely girls who are all up and coming beauty bloggers and were each picked like myself to be the face, or should I say hair too, of a different range from Ultimate Blends according to their hair type.

I can’t believe how fast the time has flown! I’m going to do a proper blog post about the day next week, and I’m gutted to say that I didn’t actually take any photos while I was there so apologies in advance for the lack of images. I was just in such a state of shock for the best part of the day at being there. It felt so surreal and I was so excited that I kind of went into panicked hedgehog mode where I just forgot to do the usual things. It’s typical me that I normally get accused of taking too many photos, and on a day when it really counts I don’t get a single one behind the scenes!

But anyway, I’ll tell you all about it very soon, and in the meantime, look out for my mug and four other gorgeous girls’ faces in your local Superdrug store very soon. We’ll be around somewhere near the hair promoting the new Ultimate Blends range from Garnier!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed me sharing my happy news with you. It’s no way intended to be a brag. More of a ‘can’t believe this has happened I need to tell someone to make it feel more real’ kind of post!

Be back soon xx




  1. February 25, 2016 / 11:47 pm

    Congratulation! That’s so exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip to London and all the fun you will be having!

    • February 26, 2016 / 7:56 am

      Thank you so much Nikki! I had the best day ever, it was so much fun. I just wish I had taken photos but everything seemed to happen so fast it was all a bit of a blur! New blog post about the day will be up very soon 🙂

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