The Sixth Edition Tili Box – Best One Yet?

The Sixth Edition Tili Box – Best One Yet?

Not going to lie, the sixth edition Tili box is possibly my most favourite one yet, and that’s saying something seeing as I’ve thought the same about almost all their other boxes. I actually haven’t bought a beauty box in ages. To be totally honest with you, they started losing their appeal to me as I’ve been fed up recently seeing the same products in various different boxes.

I get it, brands have certain products that they want to promote and beauty boxes are a great way to do this, but when you’re the paying customer and you keep getting the same items…it gets a little tedious tbh.

Step in the sixth edition Tili box. This is a very different box to its competitors. For a start it’s not a subscription, so there’s no regular fee, and I think I’m right in saying it’s a quarterly box so it’s only released four or even a bit less times a year.

The box costs £20.00 including delivery and you get either nine or ten products from both established brands and more obscure/boutique companies. Now I feel like I need to put a disclaimer in here quickly before I get accused of anything. I have never been paid to promote a Tili Box. And I’ve never been sent a Tili Box to review for the blog. In fact, every single Tili Box that’s been released right from the very first one has been bought with my own money.

My reason for writing about them is because I believe they deserve to be shouted about as they are without doubt the most diverse beauty box out there with the most amazing value for money. The sixth edition Tili Box comes in what I personally think is their most beautiful box so far.

Navy with a geometric gold trim, it’s a stylish piece in itself and is going to look lovely on my dressing room table with some products stored in it.

The products themselves are where it gets really impressive though. Here’s a list of the contents:

  • Nails Inc polish in ‘Rosé Bellini’
  • Pixie by Petra Glow Booster
  • Erno Laszlo Firmarine Hydrogel Mask
  • Laura Geller Lash Boss Mascara
  • Korres Lily Blossom Shower Gel
  • Taya Red Clay Naturals Miracle Balm
  • Percy and Reed No Oil Oil
  • Decléor Gommage 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator
  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser
  • Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask
  • Bio-Extracts Glow Boost

sixth edition tili box

I won’t do a full review of all the products in this post as I’ve only had the box for just over a week and haven’t used everything yet, but I’ll group them up into categories and do a quick run-down of each one…

First up, I’ve been loving the Nails Inc Rose Bellini polish. It’s the most beautiful rose gold colour with a hint of sparkle and is absolutely perfect for Christmas parties. I think it’s an exclusive shade for the Tili box too.

For bath and shower, the Korres shower gel smells stunning and lathers up so nicely, and the Decelor exfoliator is one of the most abrasive exfoliators I have ever used! If you’ve got sensitive skin you might not like it, but I actually really like a good exfoliation especially as prep for a fake tan. This one is right up my street.

In terms of skincare items the Purity face cleanser is very nice and gentle, and I’ve used the Tula exfoliating facial mask as well which was lovely. The Pixi Glow Booster is a soft and subtle highlighter/glowy primer which I haven’t used that much of yet, but looking forward to trying it a bit more.

Onto haircare and the Red Clay mask smells AMAZING and has been a real treat for the hair after washing it. I’ve only used a tiny amount after a shower and just run it through the mid-length to ends, but it’s left my hair feeling lovely and soft. Similarly, the Percy and Reed Oil is super nourishing and just one pump is more than enough to put through hair and smooth away any flyaways.

For make up the Laura Gellar mascara is very impressive and has a small little rubbery comb-wand which quickly separates every single lash.

The only two products from the box which I haven’t used yet is the sheet face mask and the glow boost, but I’m hopeful that they’ll be just as lovely as the rest of the contents.

sixth edition tili box

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and found some of the info/reviews useful! At the time of writing this the sixth edition Tili box is still available to buy from and to read my review of the very first edition Tili box, click here.Be back soon! Have a lovely weekend x


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