The High Street Fragrance with a High End Scent – Review of Zara Woman Gold Eau de Parfum

The High Street Fragrance with a High End Scent – Review of Zara Woman Gold Eau de Parfum

The item I’m about to talk about was one of those impulse buys that I made way back last Summer, so it’s not exactly recent. But it’s something I haven’t stopped using since, and I’ve loved it so much that I thought deserved a proper shout out. So let’s hear it for Zara Woman Gold Eau de Parfum.

It’s the first fragrance I’ve actually ever bought from Zara, and like I said, it was during a little impromptu shopping trip that I happened to see the perfume counter by the till and picked up this dinky little bottle for about £6.99 if I remember rightly. ( I have checked their site since to see Mickey if I could confirm the price but I can’t see this mini size up there so will link the full size at the end if you want to check it out; it may be that the minis are only available in-store).

zara woman gold eau de parfum review by ellemma

There wasn’t a tester, and I had no idea other than a rough recollection of wholesale nfl jerseys something (positive) that I remember reading about Zara Woman Gold a while back, so I bought it without so much as a sniff. Obviously if I was paying a lot more then there would be no way I would blind buy, but after seeing the notes of the fragrance were within my favourite oriental group, I didn’t think I would be too disappointed.

Now 任意売却コラム first things first. Fragrance, or perfume; whichever word you prefer to use, is such a personal thing. Much like eye-shadow preferences or lipstick shades, fragrance is wholesale nfl jerseys something which can totally divide opinion. And quite rightly so, as it would be far too weird if we all liked the same thing and all smelt the same…

Bear that in mind then, when I say cheap mlb jerseys that I bloody love this perfume! It’s gorgeous, and I personally think it smells so much more expensive than it actually is. And that is what I had a vague recollection of in the store, because I have since remembered reading an article which said how Zara Gold is essentially a dupe for Lady Million by Paco Rabanne.

And thinking about it, it really does smell a hell of a lot like it.

High end smelling high street fragrance - review of zara gold be ellemma

Being part of the Oriental group, Zara Gold has notes of caramel, strawberry, vanilla and musk; arguably four of my most favourite notes in a fragrance. I love strong scents; think along the lines of Thierry Mugler’s Angel and Alien, Tom Ford and Jean Paul Gaultier. I also cheap nba jerseys especially like perfumes that are on the muskier side, and I Blog…Hello don’t stray too much into the florals at all if I can help it.

I guess it was inevitable that I would like Zara wholesale jerseys Gold then. It’s only a 15 ml bottle, but I bought it back in September and I’ve still got about a quarter of the bottle left, despite using it on and off for the past five months. One or two spritzes is more than enough, and obviously it’s not going to last all day for that price point, but I’m seriously impressed by its staying power (a good couple of hours at the very least), and can still smell it on my scarf the next day.

review of zara gold by ellemma

It’s a very warm and quite sensual scent. Slightly ‘different’, owing Hives to the lack of florals, although the caramel and musk give it a sweet, but not overly-sickly, aroma.

It just smells (in my very humble opinion), like a pretty decent and high-end perfume, and I don’t think you would believe it cost less than a tenner from a high street shop.

I can’t wait to try out Zara’s other fragrances now, as after looking on their website I realise they have a lot more which sound right up my street. And they are all very reasonably priced too; happy days!

This dinky bottle of Gold though is a perfect size for popping in your bag, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. A 75 ml bottle costs just £17.99, which is insane value for money when you think that Lady Million is now over £50.00 for 50 ml.

Next time you hit up your nearest Zara it is well worth paying a visit to their fragrance section; I think I’m going to be hooked by at least a couple more from their collection…

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