The £3.00 Nail Polish I’m Obsessed With….

The £3.00 Nail Polish I’m Obsessed With….

Long time no blog… I hate it when I’ve left a week or more between posts because I almost always feel out of the loop, and a bit out of practice if I’m honest. Bit of a short post here but it’s one which I’ve been meaning to get published for ages, and for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened. I’m talking nail polish….

Not exactly one of the most exciting elements to anyone’s make up collection I admit, but it’s a little essential nonetheless (at least in my book), because I think that the finer details such as a well-picked polish can leave you looking all the more, well, polished. God excuse the worst pun of the year.

I’ve yet to try the high-end and premium brands such as Chanel, YSL and Estee Lauder (which I’ve heard very good things about all three when it comes to their polishes, especially Chanel), and I have bought slightly more mid-range polishes before such as Essie and Nails Inc. They are very nice don’t get me wrong, but I discovered a few months ago that there is the most ah-mazing polish on the high street which you can get for a fraction of the price, and which more than rivals the quality of other ‘superior’ brands.

I’m talking Rimmel! One of my favourite high-street brands (read here to find out why), have a collection of polishes which for the tiny price of £2.99 are incredible value for money both in terms of shade range and quality of product.

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Now my collection looks pretty pitiful I admit, but it’s just the start of something which I think will have probably doubled in size within the next few months.

There are two different polishes which I’m going to rave a little about, although they are essentially one and the same but just with a different name on the bottle. The ’60 seconds super shine’ and the Rita Ora collection are both incredibly pigmented and opaque with a good brush and a formula which makes it so easy to apply. (I’m usually really bad at painting my nails to be perfectly honest with you), but these ones are pretty much idiot-proof.

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‘Ring a Ring a Roses’

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‘Rain Rain Go Away’

They dry in a good amount of time (no crazy jazz hands needed to speed up the process), and have a decent amount of lasting power too.

'Sweet Retreat'

‘Sweet Retreat’

I’ve tried and tested more than my fair share of high-street polishes in the past, (Barry M and Revlon are both great as are Maybelline), but in my humble little opinion I honestly think that Rimmel can’t be matched in shade varieties and quality formula at a cheap price. From the palest of pastels to darkest reds and navy’s, there’s literally something for everyone.

rimmel nail polish review by ellemma

‘Rock n Roll’

Their latest range, Super Gel, is good….but to be totally honest I still prefer the good old 60 seconds super shine or Rita Ora’s collection which features some beautiful colours and cute festival-inspired names such as ‘Glastonberry’ and ‘Peachella’.

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For £2.99, you literally can’t go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be back again very soon. Will be sporting ‘Peachella’ to the Bloggers Festival this Saturday in London…So excited! A post about the day will be up next week.



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