Review of New So Fragrances*

Review of New So Fragrances*

Happy Mothers Day everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely day whatever you’ve got up. This is a bit of a short and sweet post this evening, a bit like the products I’m going to chat about. So Fragrances……I think pretty much everyone can remember owning something from them at one point or another am I right?

So Fragrances

I first used So Fragrances when I was at secondary school. It seemed like the natural progression from the Impulse Body Sprays which my friends and I all used to love. Vanilla Musk was one of my favourites….The So Fragrances seemed a little more grown up though, and I loved the packaging and scent of So…Kiss Me in particular.

Well a fair few years have passed since I was at school I’m very sad to say (I’m still in denial about the fact that I hit thirty this year), and even though my fragrance tastes have somewhat changed and dare I say it, matured, as I’ve got older, I’ll always have a soft spot for So Fragrances.

They’re the easy option to pop in your bag when you want a quick freshen up and don’t want to use precious and expensive perfume. (That’s what I’ve often done in the past anyway).

I was flattered recently when I was asked if I’d like to trial three of the latest scents from their new collection; Wild Berries, Iced Melon and Musk.

Now obviously with these fragrances being a mist, they don’t last any near as long on the skin as say a toilette or parfum; that goes without saying.

That’s not the say that they don’t actually last a good amount of time on clothes or skin though, and I like the new slim-line bottle packaging which makes a change from all the usual tins out there.

The Iced Melon is exactly what you’d expect; fresh and zesty and perfect for Spring/Summer.

Wild Berries is a gorgeous and plummy number which packs quite a bunch and would again be the perfect scent for summer.

And then there’s Musk which is definitely my favourite. Kinda figures owing to what I said about Impulse earlier….

It’s definitely the one out of the three which I’d say is more of an evening/date-night scent, and is sweet without being sickly.

so fragrances review by ellemma

The bottle come in 100ml and are only £3.99 each which is quite a bargain. Even better, Superdrug are currently rocking them for £1.97 each on their website and in-store which is well worth a try.

Yes I still love my designer and premium fragrances as much as the next girl, but for literally a fraction of the cost, you can pick up something which won’t break the bank, and will still leave you smelling sweet. Can’t say fairer than that can you?!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back with a new post/review very soon…

*So Fragrances very kindly sent me these body mists to try out and keep in exchange for a review. The post is based from my own insight and opinion however, and I have provided honest feedback of this product.




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