Review of Kate Moss and Rimmel London’s 15th Anniversary Capsule Make Up Collection

Review of Kate Moss and Rimmel London’s 15th Anniversary Capsule Make Up Collection

I think it’s safe to say that Rimmel have featured heavily in my make up purchases right back to when I first started treating myself to the odd nail polish or lip gloss, many years ago.

They have always been at the fore-front of trends, creating wearable products at a very accessible price-point, and I think that’s got something to do with their success; they are really good value for money.

Pretty much everything from their range comes in at or around ten pounds or under, which is a bit of a bargain when you compare that price to their high-end and premium counterparts, where a lipstick alone starts at over twenty quid.

Another huge reason why I think Rimmel have done so well over the years though is that they took on Kate Moss to front their campaigns. Kate Moss people! Pretty much the most famous of all the supers, and everyone’s favourite bleach-haired and kohl-lined rebellious little rock-chick.

She has attitude like no other, and yet she has so much versatility in front of the camera that she can easily play a girly girl as much as she can an androgynous look. Whoever’s idea it was at Rimmel to bring her on board, I think they’ve probably earnt themselves a bonus or three, because she has stuck around for fifteen whole years being the cover girl of the brand for all their new launches.

Fifteen years is a hell of a long time. I was fourteen when she joined Rimmel! That’s crazy. And also a little sad, because it’s a reminder that I’m starting to actually get a bit old now. But never mind. The reason for this post is because of the fact that Kate has been at Rimmel for so long, they decided to bring out a capsule collection of selected products which would perfectly encompass her signature style and most iconic looks.

And here’s where it gets really good because the products are flipping AWESOME.

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I think I best start with undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the collection; the Lasting Finish Lipsticks. There are actually six in total although I only had three at the time of taking these photos (and have since added another nude to the collection so technically four now),  and they are absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out.

Obviously the rose gold and silver case is extremely appealing to pretty much anyone out there who is a blogger, has an Instagram account, obsessed with rose gold yada yada yada…

But the inside is just as pretty as the outside. There are three pinks/nudes and three reds in the collection, and although I haven’t got all six, I am so happy with the ones that I do have. I’ve got two out of the three reds and I love them to bits. There is the more orange/coral toned ‘Idol Red’ which is brilliant for the summer months and looks great with a tan.

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Then there is my new favourite, the blue-toned ‘true to its colour’ ‘Muse Red’ which is arguably the most universally flattering type of red out there. Much like Mac’s Ruby Woo (I actually think Muse is a very good dupe for it to be honest), it creates the illusion of a brighter, whiter smile and literally transforms your entire make-up look. Eyes need nothing more than a bit of mascara because this red is definitely more than enough.

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The other one in the collection, ‘Retro Red’ is more of a wintery, plummy-berry red shade which would look amazing at Christmas. I have no photos of that one unfortunately, but I’ll pop a link at the end of the post so that you can see what I mean. (Think Rimmel’s Wine 107 and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.)

Now I’m not the biggest fan of nude lipsticks, so these ones didn’t appeal to me quite as much as the reds, but again there are three shades which are all very pretty in their own way.

The one I have, Rock N Roll Nude is a lovely pink-nude and looks great paired with a proper smoky and smudgy eye.

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The other nude which I’ve very recently purchased but didn’t photograph before writing this post (my bad) is actually starting to become a new favourite. It’s called ‘Boho Nude’ and is a much more browny-pink nude which I personally tend to prefer over the more pink-toned lipsticks.

The third lippy in the collection, ‘My Nude’, is a beige nude, with no pink or brown undertones particularly, just a very natural and ‘true nude’. (Again I’ll put a link at the end so you can see the lipsticks on a model and get a feel for them yourself).

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All in all, they are beautiful-looking lipsticks, and I love the fact that they last a decent amount of time too which is no mean-feat for a high-street lippy. They have a demi-matte finish and as with all Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks, are very comfortable to wear, without drying out the lips at all. Here are swatches of the ones that I own, including ‘Boho Nude’:

Top to Bottom: Idol Red, Muse Red, Boho Nude, Rock N Roll Nude

Top to Bottom: Idol Red, Muse Red, Boho Nude, Rock N Roll Nude

They cost £6.49 each and I would highly recommend.

The next product from the collection is something which I’ve been using literally everyday since I got it, and I can’t currently imagine it not being a part of my daily make-up routine. It’s the ‘Golden Bronze Sculpting Palette’ in 003 Golden Bronze.


It looks like any other palette from the packaging; you have a shimmer/highlight, bronzer/contour and a blush (all powder not cream), but the formulation and pigmentation of the colours is absolutely amazing.

To be honest I’ve only used the highlight a couple of times as I don’t tend to wear a lot of shimmer, but it is very natural and adds a delicate hint of highlight to the tops of cheeks.

Initially I was a bit put off by the very dark shade of brown for the bronzer, but it applies beautifully and naturally and allows you to really sculpt the face for a perfect chiselled finish. (Won’t be giving Kate a run for her money anytime soon in the ‘best sculpted cheekbones’ category, but you get my drift). The bronzer adds a lovely amount of colour and definition to the face, without a hint of sparkle.

Last up is the blush which again is a beautiful texture and formulation, almost baked in a way. It is a soft and peachy coral-pink with a very subtle hint of golden shimmer running throughout it, that gives the apples of your cheeks a gorgeous flush.

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This palette costs £6.99, and it’s so good I think I may bulk-buy a few of these in case they ever discontinue it!

Last but not least in the Kate Moss Anniversary collection is the Super Gel Nail Polish range. It’s a two-step process as essentially you apply your choice of gel nail colour to begin with (there are 10 shades in the ‘Kate’ range), and then put two coats of the Super Gel Top Coat to activate ‘curing’ (sealing the gel formulation in place).

I only picked one colour from this range when I was out shopping (along with the top coat), as it was the only one which instantly caught my eye at the time, and is a gorgeous and vivid red called Rock and Roll. (I definitely see a theme with Kate’s choice of names here…)

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The colour is beautiful and I’ve been really impressed by the gel formulation so far. I wouldn’t go so far as to support the claim it can withstand up to fourteen days of chip-free wear, but it’s definitely one of the more durable polishes I’ve tried, and the top coat gives the most amazing shine.

The polishes are £5.99 and are available from Boots, Superdrug and most major supermarkets. Again I’d highly recommend these.

So that’s it for my rather lengthy post about Rimmel’s Anniversary Collection in collaboration with Kate Moss. Sorry I’ve rambled on a bit! I just get carried away when it comes to products I like as I personally love hearing and reading about new make up purchases which other bloggers are rating highly.

Have you tried anything from this range which you love as much as I do?! Or is there any other new releases which you love and think I should give a try? Please let me know in the comments below as I love hearing from you!

The full collection of lipsticks can be seen here, the palette is available to buy here, and you can view the full polish range right here.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back with a new review very soon!






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