Review of nspa Fruit Extracts Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Skincare Range

Review of nspa Fruit Extracts Fresh Apple and Zesty Lime Skincare Range

The lovely people at nspa sent me a few products from one of their new skincare lines a few weeks back, and I’ve been using them all almost on a daily basis since I got them, so I thought it was time to pop a review on here.

The products aren’t anything that exciting or innovative to be honest with you; a face scrub, face wash, and a moisturiser. Probably three of the most basic items you would find in anyone’s bathroom. Saying that though, I love trying new products out, and this particular range is targeted toward oily and spot prone skin that is sensitive, which pretty much sums up my skin to a tee. I also like the idea of ‘fruit extracts’ including apple and lime….No idea what beneficial properties they actually have for the skin, but it sounds good at least.

nspa fruit extracts skincare range review

The packaging is simple yet practical and serves its purpose well for a standard high-street product. First up for review, the Face Scrub is without doubt one of the most abrasive exfoliators I’ve ever used on my face. I used to buy St Ives Apricot Scrub which is actually very similar in consistency to this one from nspa, and the closest comparison I can think of (it actually has apricot and walnut exfoliators so it figures that it should be similar to St Ives’ one).

nspa face scrub review

It has decent-sized kernels or ‘bits’ which create a good scrub and help to buff away rough skin, and I found this was as good to use on arms and legs as it was on the face. In fact if I’m being totally honest, I would say I think that this scrub is better suited to the body rather than the face as it’s just so rough, but it does do a good job and even though my skin is super sensitive, it didn’t break out after using this. It did leave my face feeling very fresh and clean, so a big thumbs up from me for that. One more thing, a little goes a long way!

The Face Wash is also very lovely to use, and like the face scrub, smells so nice (if zesty citrus fruits are your thing). The wash doesn’t make any big promises about what it supposedly does for the skin which I like; it’s just a simple and good old fashioned face wash which does exactly what it sets out to do; leaves skin feeling clean but not tight or drying. It’s not the best face wash I’ve ever used, but it’s certainly not the worst.

The same could be said about the Moisture Cream too, as it’s a product which would probably leave a lot of people happy to sit on the fence about. I don’t think it helps a great deal with oilyness and shine which is a shame, as I’m constantly on the lookout for that sort of moisturiser.

nspa face scrub review

That said though, it performs its core role of moisturising the skin very well with its light and easily absorbed texture, and it smells delicious.

So there’s my little round-up of skincare products from nspa. The range is available in Asda and is vegan friendly, which for a veggie such as myself, is a great thing to hear! I hope you found this post useful, and I’ll be back soon with a new review.


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