Review of Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette, Focus and Fix Brow Kit and The One Amazing Lipstick

Review of Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette, Focus and Fix Brow Kit and The One Amazing Lipstick

I talked a little about my love for this brand over on the old blog, but after purchasing a few bits from them last week, I thought it was high time that Makeup Revolution made an appearance on here. Because I flipping love them. For a start, this brand are super cheap. They are stocked in Superdrug, (often seen as the more purse-friendly alternative to Boots), and I think I’m right in saying that I have never seen a product of theirs priced over £10.00.

That’s quite a difficult thing to accomplish these days for high street make up, when you consider that the average drug-store foundation is almost never less than ten quid, and a decent lipstick is probably around the six to ten pound mark just for something from L’Oreal, Rimmel or Maxfactor.

I know I know, there is a lot to be said for buying high-end make up products, and I couldn’t agree more with that to be honest with you. You really do get what you pay for; and if you spend upwards of thirty pounds on a single piece of make up, then you can expect the very best. However…. sometimes it’s a nice surprise to find a brand which has been able to incorporate value for money without having to compromise on quality, and Makeup Revolution are one of those brands. I picked up their Iconic 1 palette, Focus and Fix Brow Kit and ‘The One’ Lipstick, and thought I’d share my thoughts with you on all three.

review of make up revolution iconic 1 palette by ellemma

Their Iconic 1 eye shadow palette is one of the most blatant replicas of a high-end product that I have EVER seen. Even in-store on the shelf I saw a little sticker that said ‘Dupe Alert’! The brand that I’m referring to is of course Urban Decay, and the product in question which is being duped is the Naked palette; one of the most popular and covetable palettes on the market. I’ve lusted after it for ages, but still haven’t got round to buying it. (Maybe it’s about time I treated myself when pay day rolls around this month though). I can’t provide a great comparison therefore, not being in possession of the Naked palette myself, but I have heard enough about it to know that the shadows are fantastic quality and incredibly pigmented.

First thing to note about the Makeup Revolution palette, is that the 12 colours are almost exactly identical to the Naked palette. There are seven mattes and five shimmers which perfectly compliment one another and as you can see in the photos, the similarity between both palettes is crazy…

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Screenshot 2016-03-12 at 22.47.54

The shades in the Makeup Revolution palette aren’t named unlike Urban Decay’s selection, and the doe-foot brush that comes with Makeup Revolution’s is nowhere near as good as the professional Mac-like one that comes with Naked, but then that just goes back to what I was saying about getting what you pay for, and it’s the little details that come out on top for the Naked palette. Saying that though, the shadows from Makeup Revolution are seriously impressive. I love the champagne and baby pink for a clean base, whilst the tawny-browns and taupes are so flattering. Easily my most favourite shade in the palette though is the shimmery gold, which I think would look stunning with a bronzed and contoured face.

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make up revoultion the iconic 1 palette review by ellemma

The photo I took does no justice to the quality of the product to be perfectly honest with you as the lighting was so bright and I didn’t swatch them properly. But the colours, like the Naked version, are super pigmented, long-lasting and buttery-soft. They are also very generously-sized compared to Urban Decay’s offering, but then you probably wouldn’t need to use as much product to get the result you want.

I’m pretty minimal when it comes to eye make up most of the time. My attempt at a smoky eye often results in me hastily chucking on a semi-dark brown or smudgy-grey if I’m feeling daring enough, and I won’t even try to do the whole blending into the crease etc etc. I’m basically a creature of habit and only stick to one or two ‘safe’ shades at a time (mostly creams and caramels). Which for a so-called ‘beauty blogger’, is pretty damn sad I must admit. However…I’m going to try and start making more effort with my eye shadows from now on, and will hopefully venture into the lovely midnight blues at some point as the end of Makeup Revolution’s palette looks so beautiful. If you’re not already following me on Instagram then be sure to go and check that out, as chances are I will post any make up pics and trials with the new shadows on there before anywhere else.

To sum up the Iconic 1 palette though, I would absolutely recommend buying this. The shadows are seriously good value for money and I think you can’t really go wrong when you think that the palette costs just four tiny little pounds! Available from Superdrug and their own site, this palette is well worth checking out.

Onto brows now, and anyone who knows me will know that I like a strong and defined brow. This probably goes back to the fact that when I was fifteen I plucked the hell out of them to the point where I had tiny and sad little lines (thanks to that whole thin-brow thing going on in the early-noughties), and so I basically like to fill them out as much as I can with make up these days as they just refuse to grow like they used to. I had been using L’Oreal’s Brow Genius kit for the past few months now and whilst it’s good, I just fancied a bit of a change.

After picking up the Iconic palette I was quite excited to see that Makeup Revolution also had a little something called the Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit. The black plastic packaging doesn’t feel too inexpensive, and it was a nice surprise to see that this little compact not only has a dinky pair of tweezers to go with the brush, but it also has a good-sized mirror. It reminds me so much of Benefit’s Brow Zings, but this kit actually has three browns of various shades along with a sort of clear setting gel to keep everything in place.

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It’s not as though the two lighter shades are a complete waste (two extra eye shadows anyone?!), but I personally only use the darkest shade in this kit as my natural brows are on the darker side anyway. It sounds a little strange but what I do is collect some powder up on the brush and then mix in a teeny bit of the clear gel before applying onto the brow to ensure that the powder properly stays in place. I prefer to do it this way rather than coat them in gel afterwards as I just think it helps distribute the product better.

The two more caramel and coffee-toned shades are both nice and could definitely be mixed together if needed to create an almost identical version of the darkest shade, whilst the gel is nice and non-sticky, but really does help to hold the powder in place. The powder itself is pigmented, relatively smudge-proof and very long-lasting, and it probably comes as no surprise to hear me say that I like this little kit a hell of a lot. I think that again for the price (another absolute bargain at just £2.50), it’s insane value for money, and is very comparable to products at least four times the cost. The Focus and Fix kit comes in two shades, Light-Medium and Medium-Dark which should cater for almost every brow shade going, and like the Iconic 1 palette, is definitely worth trying out.

The last product I picked up from Makeup Revolution was their lipstick in shade ‘The One”. Out of all three products, this failed to impress me that much but saying that, it is a decent enough, fail-safe matte pinky-nude. It’s a very flattering shade, although I just found it a little too beige for my own personal preference, and felt that the colour of the bullet looked very different to the colour on my lips once applied.

makeup revolutuion the one lipstick

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It’s a matte shade which I found to be just a tad too drying, but if shine-free lips are your thing then you’d probably love this lipstick. I think if you stuck a bit of Vaseline or a moisturising gloss on top it could work very well, and the shade itself is really pretty for a pared-down and natural look. (It would probably look amazing with a full-on smoky eye too). Best bit about this lipstick is that like the whole of the Makeup Revolution range, it’s a bargain, and is a mere one pound! Love it. I’d be interested to try out some of the other shades in the range too as the formulation isn’t too bad, and it does last a decent amount of time.

So that’s it for my little ramble about the love affair I’m having with Makeup Revolution! I hope you enjoyed it and it’s of some use to you if you were wondering what their products are like. I think they are easily one of the most underrated companies out on the high-street right now, and for less than a tenner you can purchase three very impressive products that really do deliver.

makeup revolution review by ellemma

Have you tried any hero products from this range which you think are worth shouting about? Drop me a comment if you have as I love hearing from you and finding out about new recommendations! Speak soon and thanks for reading xx



  1. Julia Mason
    March 15, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    I will definitely be buying the brow kit. It is a lot less expensive than the one I use which is running out. I also love the fact that it comes with a little pair of tweezers, great idea. You can never find a pair just when you need them and that is when making up your eyebrows quite often. Glad that this appears to be available in Superdrug so handy.

    • March 15, 2016 / 9:41 pm

      Yes the entire Makeup Revolution range is available in most larger Superdrug stores and also online via their own website. I would definitely recommend the brow kit; I have been using it every day since purchasing it and like it so much. The little brush is also very handy and like you say, tweezers are always good to have to hand. Glad that the post was of use to you! X

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