False Eye Lashes Review – Samantha Faiers and Eylure

False Eye Lashes Review – Samantha Faiers and Eylure

False eye lashes? I’ve never worn them. Ever….

Is that a bit of a sad confession to make given the fact that I’ll be thirty next year? I don’t know. All I know is that the idea of false eye lashes has always left me feeling a little indifferent if I’m honest. I just really like mascara and have always thought that falsies were a little too high maintenance and a bit of faff.

I was recently sent a couple of sets of lashes to try out and review by False Eyelashes.co.uk however, and actually, they weren’t as frightening or as troublesome as I’d expected them to be.

Here are my thoughts on two very different pairs…

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Lashes by Samantha “If Looks Could Kill”

It was probably only a matter of time before the TOWIE lot brought out their own lines of one thing or another, and Samantha Faiers’ lashes are actually not that bad at all. She has several different styles according to what sort of look you’re going for, (and there are some super dramatic ones included in the range), but I liked these particular ones the most as they seemed pretty natural…as far as false lashes actually can look natural.

false eye lashes review by ellemma

They mimic natural lashes in the sense that they’re thicker at the root and then taper out, which I think looks more realistic than if they were to be thick all the way along to the end.

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The glue included with the lashes was latex free and very easy to apply which was a big plus for a newbie like me, and they were surprisingly comfortable to wear once I got used to them.

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Overall I think this set by Samantha are definitely the sort that you could get away with wearing during the day, as they’re subtle, yet still have length and volume.

Eylure ‘Exaggerate’ No. 141

This is a brand which I’ve heard and seen a lot of in the past, and I think they are basically synonymous with false lashes, as it’s basically their thing. Eylure have an absolute ton of different lashes to choose from, so much so that you could get kind of overwhelmed at the selection.

The ones I went for though, are called ‘Exaggerate’, and the name pretty much says it all because these babies are seriously eye-catching.

eylure false eye lashes review

They look so beautiful in the box, and I love the way that they alternate between a few thick lashes and then a few thinner ones to give a full and distinct flutter. They were also very easy to apply, just like Samantha’s set, but the one thing that kind of put me off these slightly was the glue.

Remember ‘that’ glue which we used to use in art classes at school and had a weird sort of fishy-smell to it? Well sadly, the glue that comes with this set reminds me of that.

Not nice.

The good thing though is that it doesn’t stink your eye out for long, because as soon as the glue dries out there’s no odour at all. Happy days! It’s just not the most pleasant of things to put up with, even for a couple of minutes…

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Are the false eye lashes worth it though?

Once on, the Eylure lashes do look very pretty I must admit. They are nice and voluminous without looking too OTT, but a slight negative again with these particular ones, is that I found them a bit more uncomfortable to wear. Maybe it’s to do with their length, but either way, I think they would only be best worn for a night out at most. (Either that or I’m just a wuss when it comes to getting used to new things like this..)

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So that’s it for my little reviews! I hope you enjoyed the post and found it useful. The Eylure lashes are £5.45, and Sam Faiers’ lashes cost £5.00.

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Thanks so much for reading; I’ll be back with a new review very soon!

These lashes were kindly sent to me to review by False Lashes.co.uk. All opinions are my own, and I have provided honest feedback of these items.


  1. Alice
    November 17, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Both sets look fab on you, although I agree that the Eyelure glue does smell like the fishy glue it schools. I go through phases of wearing lashes (only on nights out) they are a massively faff and I always have fear one will start falling off without me noticing – not a good look!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • November 17, 2016 / 7:33 pm

      Thanks for your comment Alice! It’s such a shame about the Eylure glue as I really liked the look of those lashes. It’d just be my luck to put a pair on for a night out and lose one or both of them before the nights over lol! I’ll have to take the plunge and give it a try soon 🙂

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