Review of B. Makeup Artist’s Edit Flawless Finish Brush Set

Review of B. Makeup Artist’s Edit Flawless Finish Brush Set

Spoiler alert at the beginning here; this post does have a little clichéd message in the sense that you do get what you pay for, but at the same time, I think that it’s sometimes worth taking a gamble on a bargain from the high street….

So I was having a little browse in Superdrug last week, specifically looking at the make up brushes.  I was humming and harring over buying a new Real Techniques blusher brush or to go for something from Makeup Revolution, but couldn’t decide. Most of my brushes are from Real Techniques, and I think that they are without doubt one of the best ranges you can pick up from the high street in terms of quality and affordability.

Saying that though, I’ve heard good things about Makeup Revolution’s brushes too (not to mention the fact that the gold metallic handles and white bristles are beautiful). So I was a bit torn between both brands, standing there like a lemming as is my way in stores when I can’t make up my mind about something. I just seem to think that the longer I stand there and stare at something, the answer should just pop into my head with what I want to do. (It never does).

Turns out I didn’t buy the Real Techniques brush or try something from Makeup Revolution, as just as I was about to walk away from the section I saw a box which caught my eye. And then I saw the price and was sold pretty much instantly.

The item in question is B is for Beautiful’s Make Up Artist brush kit which comes with five ‘key’ brushes along with a beauty blender. For £10.00….Yes, five brushes and a beauty blender for ten pounds….I even had to double check with the sales assistant that it was the right price. So off I trot home (or back to work in this case as I was on my lunch break, shopping for make up just for a change), super happy at the thought of bagging such an amazing bargain.

(Just a quick background on the B. range in case anyone isn’t aware, its a brand exclusive to Superdrug and covers skincare, (for women and men), make up and accessories including brushes and brush cleaner. Their skincare has been praised by top professionals including Sali Hughes in the past, and although I haven’t tried any of it myself, it’s definitely on the to-do list as there are a few items which look brilliant.)

Back to the brushes though, first up they aren’t the prettiest in the world it must be said. A bit of a muted grey in the handle and a standard natural shade with the bristles, they look a little boring, but at the end of the day, I don’t care how sad they look if they perform well for that price. And I’m actually quite relieved and surprised to say that for the most part, these brushes do a pretty good job.

make up brushes review by ellemma

They don’t feel cheap compared to some other high street brushes I’ve bought in the past. The synthetic bristles are of nice quality too, and I like the fact that the purpose of each brush is written on the handle which is especially handy for idiots like me who still aren’t too sure about which brush goes where.

Saying that though, I have used one of the brushes for an entirely different purpose to what it was intended for as I’ll explain in a minute, and it’s worked amazingly, so I guess it pays to be bit of a rebel now and again…

B. make up brush review by ellemma

I’ll start off with the biggest of the bunch, the powder brush. With most of my make up application, I think that of all the brushes it’s probably the powder one which gets used the most on a daily basis, as I use a mattifying powder for shine control along with bronzer, sometimes a little contour, and always a blush of one sort or another.

The powder brush is a good size, and I love the feel of the bristles on my skin. It’s a perfect shape for the powders which I’ve stated above, and I think if I had to give it any criticism at all, it would be that it’s of a very loose dense, and in turn that means that you don’t get a massive amount of product picked up onto the brush with every application.

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I don’ think that’s necessarily a bad thing though, as the less product which gets picked up onto the brush ultimately means the less you have to tap of f anyway. And you know what they say about less is more, yada yada yada.

The foundation brush is where I was really surprised, as I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be anything very special. It’s not the largest of foundation brushes, but has a nice flat and tapered end to it and again, the bristles are firm yet adequately soft.

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I generally apply my foundation with either my fingers or a beauty blender on a day-to-day basis, so it took a bit of time getting used to applying things with a brush, but I’ve got to say, it made my usual liquid foundation go on very smoothly and in a pretty fast amount of time. It didn’t provide a completely full coverage look which I generally prefer, but it did make the foundation ‘set’ well onto the skin without caking it on, and so again, it’s a thumbs up from me for the foundation brush from this range.

The other three brushes are all equally nice in their own ways. Going from left to right in the photo, the lip brush is teeny tiny and a good mixture of firm and soft again. It’s great for applying a really bold colour which you’re crapping yourself about doing straight from the bullet, and is perfect for lining them beforehand too. That’s something I find quite funny writing about, because I never actually line my lips myself. But apparently it’s brilliant for making lipstick last longer. I really should start doing that to be honest…

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The eye shadow brush in the middle of the picture there is another lovely brush. It’s a good size and nice for applying neutral colours over the main lid. I wouldn’t say it’s the best eye shadow brush in the world, but it’s certainly not the worst.

The other one which surprised me in a good way was the ‘concealer’ brush. I say it like that because I haven’t actually used it yet for concealer at all, I’ve been using it as a blending brush for my eye shadow and it works like a charm. I absolutely love it for blending as it’s so soft and fluffy and the perfect size and shape to get in the crease of the lid. Big thumbs up from me for this one.

After all this good news from the set there’s got to be a negative right? And sadly that comes in the shape of the beauty blender. It looks so much like THE original beauty blender which kick-started this whole trend off, but I just couldn’t get on with it.

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I think one of the most important things a beauty-blender has to have, or ‘do’ to be more specific, is bounce. It needs to be squidgy enough to absorb the product but light enough to also buff it into the skin, or otherwise it just ends up drinking all the foundation into the sponge.

This particular blender does exactly that in my opinion, it’s just too firm and I found that there was more of the product in the sponge than on my face after applying which was a bit annoying. It worked quite well to push a bit of concealer under the eyes, but definitely not for a full face of make up.

So that’s the round up of this little kit. I think that for the money, it’s well worth a try. Even though the blender is a bit of a disappointment, there are four pretty decent brushes which for ten quid, you really can’t go wrong with.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful if you’re thinking of shopping for new brushes or just general make up shopping. I’ll be back with a new post very soon.



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