Love Me Beauty March Subscription Review

Love Me Beauty March Subscription Review

Long time no blog, yet again! In my defence though, I finished at my last place of work, have had some time off including visiting family for a wedding, and have started my new job all in the past fortnight, so it’s been a bit of a busy past couple of weeks to say the least. There’s a few posts I want to get published at the moment, but the one I want to share with you this evening is a Love Me Beauty March subscription review.

So I’ve been a subscriber to Love Me Beauty for the past couple of months now, and although they’re not necessarily my favourite beauty subscription provider, they do have a nice selection of  premium products to choose from each month which is pretty good.

love me beauty march subscription

I picked the eco tools ‘Effortless Look’ Five Piece travel set, along with a Caudalie moisturiser and an interesting-looking liquid in a cute glass bottle from Perricone MD called the Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment.

Love Me Beauty Subscription Review

The thing I do like about Love Me Beauty is that each month your selected products arrive inside a cute little make up bag. This is the second one I’ve received (my most recent arriving only a couple of days ago – will blog about that soon), and I love it so much!

love me beauty march subscription review

Eco Tools are a brand I’ve seen and heard lots about in the past, with mostly very positive reviews, and so when I saw this cute little travel set available within the selection, I couldn’t resist. The bag which comes with the brushes is really sweet (can you tell I’ve got a thing for pretty make up bags yet?), and the brushes themselves are super soft yet reassuringly sturdy in the hand, with densely packed hairs.

eco tools travel brush set review

The powder/blush brush is a very good size, and although smaller than some of my other powder brushes, the domed-head allows for more precision powder application which is never a bad thing.

I’m not totally sure what the purpose of the Complexion Blending brush is to be honest, but I find that this one actually works best for applying a little blusher.

This Angled Eyeliner brush is probably my favourite of all four brushes, and I’ve been using it every single day since getting it to apply a little powder onto my brows. Again not technically using the brush for its intended purpose, but such is life. And if it works for something else, then why not?!

I can’t comment too much on the Shadow Smudge brush as I’ve literally only used it about once or twice, but it does make for decent blending between shadows on the lid.

All in all, I’m really impressed by the eco tools range, and it’s definitely made me think twice about repurchasing anything from my go-to high street brush brand Real Techniques in favour of trying something new out.

Onto the Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment from Perricone MD…

Now this cleanser is quite different to everything else I’ve tried before. It’s basically a pale blue-toned and light-weight gel which you pour a little onto a cotton wool pad, and then sweep over the face. It leaves the skin feeling very refreshed, soft, and clean.

In all honesty, this doesn’t remove every last scrap of my make up even with a couple of pads and a warm flannel. In fairness to the brand though, it doesn’t exactly promise this anyway. But what it does do like I said before (and do it very well I might add), is provide a gentle yet effective second cleanse.

The Caudalie Moisturizer I haven’t really had time to properly use and therefore provide a review. But it seems to be a very lightweight and cooling moisturiser, which is exactly what we want now that we’re coming into Summer.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and found it useful! I will be back with a new post soon, and probably some more chatty content about social media and blogging so watch this space…




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