Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath Cleanser Review

Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath Cleanser Review

You know sometimes you come across a product by accident and wonder where it’s been all your life? Well I found one recently. It’s the Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath Cleanser, and it’s already become a bit of a game-changer when it comes to cleaning my brushes.

I know brush cleaning isn’t the most exciting thing to blog about it. I must admit that I put off cleaning my brushes until I absolutely have to, which is so bad for the skin I know, but I’m just a little lazy like that I guess. I’ve never used a ‘proper’ brush shampoo or anything like that before. I don’t know why. I’ve sometimes thought that they were just over-priced regular shampoo, dressed up to look like a specialist brush cleaner.

With that in mind I’ve always used baby shampoo in the past to clean them all, with the occasional bit of olive oil which I read somewhere is supposedly really good for dissolving built up areas on the bristles. It’s a bit of a faff but it does the job and I’m always pretty impressed with the results. Although if you go heavy handed on the oil then it can leave the brushes a little greasy which isn’t good, and is a pain in the arse quite difficult to rinse out.

So I was in my local Superdrug about a week ago, which is where I seem to spend most of my work breaks lately, having my usual browse as I do, when I spotted this big tub called Pro Studio Brush Bath Sanitising Brush Cleanser by the brand Freedom. (For anyone interested, Freedom is owned by the company TAM, who also happen to make another Superdrug-exclusive range, Makeup Revolution).

freedom brush bath cleanser review

The Brush Bath Cleanser comes in a white solid form which looks a little like wax, and all you have to do according to the tub, is dampen your chosen brush with some water first, give it a swirl in the tub to coat it thoroughly, and then swish the brush under water and into the palm of your hand to work off all the makeup muck. Rinse and dry as usual.

It doesn’t sound like anything particularly fancy to be honest. But make no mistake. THIS STUFF IS AH-MAZING!

I tested it with one of my Real Technique’s, and it was a bit of a half-hearted effort in itself to be honest. But after swirling it around the balm and lathering with some water it just melted away about a week’s worth of foundation in less than a minute.

I deliberately picked the foundation brush to test first as I figured that’s the most difficult one in terms of product build up. But the brush bath cleanser literally made such light work of it; I’m so bloody impressed. It left the brush pretty much looking good as new, and conditioned the bristles as well as cleaning them because once dried, the brush felt super soft.

The photos on here don’t do justice to the product, and I know I haven’t even included a before and after picture, but trust me on this one; it’s a seriously good product and is fast becoming a Holy Grail item for me already. Not only that but it smells lush which is always a bonus.

I managed to pick this up from Superdrug for £7.00 which I think is an absolute bargain given the fact that you get 100ml of solid product which is probably going to last the best part of six months (depending on how often you wash your brushes of course). The fact that it’s a solid substance in a tub also makes it pretty travel-friendly, and I genuinely can’t find any faults with it yet.

brush bath cleanser review by ellemma

It’s out of stock on Tam Beauty which I’m not too surprised about, as it looks like the product is starting to do the rounds with other bloggers and increase in popularity. Next time I’m in Superdrug I think I might stock up on this. If you’re a bit of a low-maintenance brush-cleaner like myself, then you need to try this brush bath cleanser out. I honestly don’t think you’ll regret it. And if you’ve used it already then let me know what you think of it!

Without a doubt my best beauty purchase of 2017 so far.







    • February 3, 2017 / 12:02 am

      Glad to see I’m not the only one! It’s an amazing cleanser, I love it to bits x

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