Beauty Gift Sets – A Birthday Wish List

Beauty Gift Sets – A Birthday Wish List

With my birthday a little less than a week away already I thought it would be a nice idea to do something a bit different for this post, and put together a beauty gift set wish-list, birthday style. (I personally love reading these sort of posts as being a nosey kinda gal, I like to see what other bloggers are into in terms of bath and body products, fragrance and make up etc). One area you really can’t go wrong with for a birthday pressie (in my eyes at least), are beauty gift sets, so I thought I’d do a quick run-through of some of my faves, both high-end and from the high-street.

High End Beauty Gift Sets – L’Occitane

There are literally tons of gorgeous beauty gift sets from French-brand L’Occitane, and one quick look on their site will vouch for that. I’ve tried a couple of different products from them in the past including their famous Shea Butter Hand Cream which smells absolutely divine and I was very impressed with, and so I’d love to explore more from their wide mix of collections.

I’ve heard really good things about their Almond range, and they have put together a sweet selection of miniatures in a toiletry bag for both this collection and many others.

Check out their site using the link below for a more detailed look at all the beauty gift sets available. They start at approximately £22.00 so not bad at all considering you get about four products in each bag and the total value is often double.

High Street Beauty Gift Sets – Sanctuary Spa

Onto a high-street offering now, and Sanctuary Spa (available from Boots), has a huge range of bath and body products. I’ve bought many an item from here in the past, and think that they sometimes go a little un-noticed by bloggers and shoppers because they’re not seen as ‘on-trend’ enough compared to other brands.

I’m pretty sure though, that their packaging, attention to detail and quality of product will continue to ensure that they do well on the high-street. I recently bought a little gift set from Boots and I’ve been very impressed with how the products perform. (The body butter is beautiful!).

High End Beauty Gift Sets – Dior

Now I was very lucky with this gift in that it was bought for me by a friend a while ago. Before that point I don’t think I’d purchased anything from Dior beauty because to be totally honest, the cost puts me off, but the two little polishes that are on my dressing table are such a superior quality in terms of finish, and I LOVE the shades.

I think if you have the chance to purchase a more premium product now and again, then you totally should for morale if nothing else. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing something a little more high end to make you feel good about yourself, even if it is just a polish. And if the budget doesn’t stretch to Dior polishes on a daily basis as mine will almost certainly never get near to, then there’s alway Barry M and Rimmel, who both make amazing and affordable varnishes.

High Street Beauty Gift Set – Benefit

Now Benefit are a brand that are kind of in between premium and high-street, as their products are available from Boots and department stores such as Debenhams. My last beauty gift set from them was bought in the January sales when I got an absolute bargain. I’ve used up the contents now, but I do still have one of their makeup bags along with a few little minis, so I thought I’d do a mock-up version.

Two of my all-time favourite products from Benefit are the Hoola Bronzer (perfect matte terracotta shade-not too muddy/orange), and The Porefessional, which has been a bit of a game-changer for me in terms of priming the face before foundation.

So that’s it for my Beauty Gift Sets birthday wish list!  I hope you enjoyed reading it and I’ll be back with some new and more regular posts again soon.





This been published in collaboration with L'Occitane, and whilst I have been remunerated for the post, all opinions and thoughts are very much my own.

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