A pamper at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel HarSPA

A pamper at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel HarSPA

So confession time now. Up until last month, I’d never had a spa day before….Is that a little odd? I don’t know why really. I mean it’s my idea of heaven. But for one reason or another I just hadn’t gotten round to it. So I was excited to say the least when I was asked if I’d like to go to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel HarSpa with the Bournemouth Bloggers.

christchurch harbour hotel spa

The visit was to celebrate the launch of the spa’s brand new product range, and guests would have the opportunity to try out the new products before having a treatment and checking out the spa facilities. Bliss.

Christchurch Harbour Hotel itself is a very chic, simple and beautiful building situated right by the harbour. (Clue’s in the name!). I went there recently for an Al Fresco dining experience on the terrace which was a super lovely event, so I had no doubts that the spa would live up to expectations. And wow did it do so…

Upon arrival at the spa we were taken to a lovely consultation lounge/waiting area where we were asked to fill out a quick survey with any health conditions etc, and were then presented with a very cute canvas bag containing a gorgeous fluffy white robe and some cute sliders.

christchurch harbour hotel spa

We were then invited up to the spa’s ‘Hideaway’ which looked absolutely stunning with its coastal-themed decorations, balloons and fresh flowers. And the view from the Hideaway out onto the decking and the harbour itself was just sublime.

It felt so peaceful and still, I could’ve easily had a nap on one of the comfy sun beds had it not been for the product presentation we were about to sit down for.

After coffee and introductions with the other guests (I had come with Emma, Louise and Brogan from the Bournemouth Bloggers, but there was other journalists and beauty editors in attendance too), we were greeted by Victoria from the hotel who then introduced us to the therapists.

We were given a sample of each product to try out, and I was so impressed by them all. They smelt beautiful and it felt like there was real quality ingredients in each item. From cleansers to serums, body scrubs to face masks, it was a comprehensive list of beauty products, and I loved learning more about them and their individual benefits.

Following the presentation it was treatment time! We had a choice of four; radiant eye treatment, essential facial, sea salt body scrub, and invigorating back pamper. I sent so long making my decision because they all sounded amazing, but I went for the back pamper in the end as I often get achy muscles due to a combination of bad posture and my almost-four year old wanting lots of lifts and piggybacks.

The massage was INSANE. It was fifty five minutes of heaven and several products were used from the presentation including the sea salt scrub which smelt gorgeous and so invigorating. The music and lighting in the room was perfect, there was the sounds of wind chimes and gentle waves which again left me feeling like I could have dozed off.

I left the treatment room feeling totally pampered and chilled, ready to try out the jacuzzi, sauna and salt room in the spa, all of which were lovely. The salt room in particular was something that I’d never heard of before but keen to try out again as I found it less intense than the sauna.

Back up at The Hideaway after our treatments we were spoilt with the most beautiful lunch including salads, sushi, smoothies and fresh fruit. Everything was packed full of flavour, and it felt like the most virtuous lunch I’ve eaten in a long time.

Most of it was gluten-free and vegan friendly which being a veggie, I loved, and the presentation was stunning.

I’m not going to lie, I did go up for seconds it was that good, and the dessert that looked like chocolate mousse was actually avocado with a hint of chocolate. How clever is that?! Wasn’t totally sold on it at first but the more I ate the more I got my head around the idea f it being a little different and started to actually really enjoy it.

After some group photos on the decking it was time to head home, but not before being gifted the most generous goody bag filled with products from the new range!

christchurch harbour hotel harspa

I want to say a huge thank you to Emma from the Bournemouth Bloggers for inviting me, and to Victoria and all the therapists and staff at Christchurch Harbour Hotel HarSpa for having us – I had the nicest experience on all counts and although it is only my first spa day, it’s set the bar super high.

I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts of the products (loving them so far), and will pop in my vlog from the day below for you to have a watch. Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll be back with a new post very soon. Bye for now guys.


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