I still feel so strange calling myself ‘a blogger’. I feel as though the title should be reserved for the famous people we all know and love; the ones who’ve made a name for themselves through blogging and vlogging. Zoella, Tanya Burr etc etc…

But the beauty of blogging is that it’s a big old open pond for everyone to dip their toes into, and even though I’m a ridiculously small fish within that pond, I’m kind of proud to be a blogger.

So hi! My name is Emma and I’m a twenty-eight year old beauty and lifestyle blogger based in the South of England.

I first started blogging over a year ago when I wanted to find an outlet and community to talk about ‘mum stuff’ (I have two little ones who provide a mountain of material to write about!). But somewhere along the line I got real private over the stuff I was sharing about my children, and so I gave up mummy blogging.

The thing is though, I had been bitten by the blogging bug. I loved writing and publishing posts. I loved engaging with readers and commenting on other blogs. I’m so passionate about writing that the thought of stopping blogging made me a little sad. So I thought about the next avenue I could go down with the blog…

I thought about what I liked a lot. What I could write about on a frequent basis whilst never getting bored of the subject, and something which would provide me with a ton of material….

Skincare and Makeup!! (with a little bit of fashion and lifestyle thrown in now and again too). I love buying new treats and talking about them. And I also love reading up on other bloggers’ thoughts about a certain product. It felt like the most logical thing to do. And so ellemma was created in February 2016….

I try and blog at least once a week although sometimes that it easier said than done when I have two little children and a job to keep me busy most of the time! My favourite posts are reviews, but I try and mix it up with different topics when I can to keep it fresh.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have collaborated with Garnier on a Beauty Blogger campaign back in February, and have recently worked with J D Williams for a fashion post. I love working with brands and it’s something which I hope to continue to do as the blog (hopefully) gets bigger and better.

So that’s pretty much it about the blog, and a little about myself. I really hope you enjoy reading the posts and find the reviews useful. Please drop me a comment on a post whenever you feel like saying something; I absolutely love hearing from anyone who is lovely enough to stop by and read what I write; It truly means the world to me! x